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“ God willed the Creation fore-planning the welfare of all created beings.”

Sri Tathata's

A HOLISTIC SYSTEM OF EDUCATION Today's world is in turmoil. Many individuals, organizations and institutions work hard to bring positive changes in the world, but in spite
of their earnest
satisfactory improvements seem to come about in society. Witnessing this discomforting... >>

International Visit

Sri Tathata’s American Tour 2015


31-Oct-15 Full Day Program in Montreal
1-Nov-15 Full day program in Montreal
2-Nov-15 initiation Montreal

Program venue/ Place : Centre Culturel de la Petite Italie – Casa D‘Italia
Address : 505 Jean-Talon East, Montreal

5-Nov evening program in Deux-Montagnes
Program venue/ Place : Universcité Antoinette Layoun
Address : 1004, chemin d’Oka, Deux-Montagnes J7R 1L7

Quebec city-Canada
7-Nov-15 full day program in Quebec city
8-Nov-15 initiation

Program venue/Place : Hotel Universel Québec
Address : 2300 Chemin Sainte-Foy, Québec

12-Nov-15 Evening Program in Danville

Program venue : Au Carmel de Danville
Address 134 rue du Carmel Danville J0A 1A0


Sao Paulo-Brazil
20-Nov-15 evening program with interfaith meeting

Program venue : Mosteiro São Bento
Address Largo São Bento

21-Nov-15 full day program
22-Nov initiations

Program venue : Instituto de Engenharia
Address Dr. Dante Pazzanese, 120 – Vila Mariana São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro-Brazil
23-Nov-15 evening program
24-Nov-15 evening program
25-Nov-15 initiations

Program venue : Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro
Address Auditório 11 – 1° andar – bloco F
Rua São Francisco Xavier, 524 – Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro

27-Nov-15 evening natis chefs meeting
28-Nov-15 full day program
29-Nov-15 morning program
30-Nov-15 initiations / rest

Program venue : UNIPAZ
Address SMPW Qd 08, Conj. 02 Área Especial Granja do Ipê
Rua São Francisco Xavier, 524 – Maracanã, Brasília – DF

Sri Tathata’s European Tour 2015
Sri Tathata’s European Tour 2014
Sri Tathata’s US – Canada Tour 2014

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Sri Tathata’s American Tour 2015