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Dharmasooya Mahayaga


The first meaning of the Sanskrit word yajña is sacrifice. The second meaning is offering to the Sacred Fire (Agni), which is revered as the embodiment of the Divine. In a yajña, everything is done according to the rules set out by the Sages of Vedic Times. These Sages received this knowledge directly from the Divine and transcribed it in the Vedas. The offerings are made of sacred things: ghee, herbs, sweet preparations and above all the mantras that are chanted by the priests. The five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – are represented by the offerings, and together create a perfect microcosm of Nature. Through this offering, an enormous flow of energy is generated by the yajña and, Mother Nature, who suffers much from the effects of modern civilization, is assisted towards a rebalancing of her energies. In this way serious natural catastrophes can be avoided or diminished.

Human beings too are also perfect microcosms of Nature and there is a subtle link between the human mind and Nature. As for Mother Nature, a yajña also has a deep rebalancing effect on the people who participate in it and, through them, on all human beings. The yajña helps people live in a greater harmony with Nature and its natural rhythms. In this way the yajña brings progress to the whole of mankind and reduces the effects of adverse developments. A number of scientific studies have also confirmed the positive effect of the yajña.


When I thought about Dharma Sooya Mahayagam, there were revolt against spiritualists all over Kerala. It’s the time where men’s spiritual and worldly life is at a loss. We should not discard our worldly life for spiritual life or the spiritual life for worldly life. The true way is to lead a life based on the light of spirit or soul. When we lost our sense to recognize this, men had a false notion that the worldly life and the spiritual life do not co-exist and two are in two opposite directions.

From then onwards there began to have strife between these two. The atmosphere in Kerala became such a chaotic. Then I thought whether to conduct this yaga in Kerala itself. Because I felt that it is not suitable to conduct this yaga in Kerala which is meant to bring peace in the human minds and to correct Dharma in the world. Anyhow the atmosphere became calm again in Kerala which provided an opportunity to conduct ‘yagam’ in Kerala itself. This has to be considered as a great privilege of Kerala.


There may be persons who feel that Yajnam is an evil practice. But its only a misconception. Impurities are prevailing every where now a days. So its natural to have its reflection in Yajnam also. In Vedas it is described that even creation happened from Yajnas. The gist of Yajnam is the selfless mind’s great dream and optimistic thinking. Its our heredity. At the time of atrocities our great Rishis and saints used to conduct Yajnas. Dharma Sooya Mahayaga is a rare incident going to be conducted by that great power of the era by a phenomenon destined by the time. Through this Dharma Sooya Mahayagam there will be a great change in the world.


Dharmasooya Mahayaga is a Social Yajnam. All the representatives from all walks of life have to take part in it. If they do the prayer standing close to the ‘Great Divine Presence’ at the time of Yaga all of their prayers and dreams for the world would come ture. If our optimistic thinking and generous minds join with the divine presence at the time of yaga, that would make a revolutionary change in the affairs of the world. Yagam will begin from 28th Jan 09 which would come to an end on 5th Feb 2009. In the first four days of yagam there will be only internal method of Yajnam which is to be done by the devotee of the Ashram for bringing out that great presence at the yagam and to nurture it through rituals and rites. So on the first four days there won’t be any programmed for the guests or the public. Social Yajnam would begin from 1st Feb onwards. The first day’s Yajnam is to pacify of nature, the five elements nature and the human minds. In the second day’s Yajnam is to pacify of nature, the five elements nature and the human minds. In the second day’s Yajnam there will be special prayers to arose human minds and intelligence from ignorance and to make them recognize the life based on Dharma. With that there will be mass prayers and meditations to re-surest the infinite presence of Dharma in all the spheres of human lives and to make the life on the earth a prosperous and happy one. For that special efforts are designed to break the shield of darkness covering the earth and to bring the most potential mind of the divine (super mind) down to earth.

There will be prayers for the prosperity and complete development of life. Yaga will come to an end by the prayers and rituals for blossoming of human consciousness and blending of nature’s mercy and prosperity in the world and to amek heavenly life on earth come true. Special rituals and prayers for the renaissance of Brahmachary and Kanyaka Dharma and house holders dharma will be held. Human unity based on dharma cutting across the limits of the caste, creed and nation and making human life purest and joyful will be the key factor of this yaga.


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