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“ The loss of discrimination is the cause for decline of Dharma.
: Sri Tathata

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A HOLISTIC SYSTEM OF EDUCATION Today's world is in turmoil. Many individuals, organizations and institutions work hard to bring positive changes in the world, but in spite
of their earnest
satisfactory improvements seem to come about in society. Witnessing this discomforting... >>

Sandhya Upasana (Conjunction Meditation)Sandhya Upasana (Les Méditations Des Conjunction)

Śrī Tathāta explained for the first time during the February 2009 Mahayaga that within a 24 hours day, there are five special times, gaps or “in between” moments, during which the cosmic light-energy manifests more intensely. These moments come: about 3 hours before sunrise, at the time of Sunrise, at solar noon, sunset time, solar midnight. The ideal thing is to do a short meditation at least at two or three of these time – at sunrise and sunset (and if you wish, solar noon as well).


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