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“ Don't think natural calamities are accidental. They are the reflections of the turbulent human mind.
: Sri Tathata

Sri Tathata's

A HOLISTIC SYSTEM OF EDUCATION Today's world is in turmoil. Many individuals, organizations and institutions work hard to bring positive changes in the world, but in spite
of their earnest
satisfactory improvements seem to come about in society. Witnessing this discomforting... >>

Sri Tathata's European Tour 2015

Sri Tathata's European Tour 2015 NANTES, FRANCE 4-Jul-15 Full Day Program 5-Jul-15 Second Full day Program Program venue/ Place : Salle de la FLEURIAYE Address : 30 Boulevard Ampère,44470 CARQUEFOU (Nantes' suburb) CLEMENT FERRONT FRANCE 7-Jul-15 Evening Program in Clemment Ferront Program venue/ Place : CENTRE CULTUREL L'AFFICHE Address : Avenue de la Republique, 63170 PERIGNAT LES SARLIEVE FRANCE GRENOBLE, FRANCE 9-Jul-15 Evening Program in Grenoble Program venue/ Place : Le Prisme - à Seyssins Address : 89 Avenue de Grenoble, 38180 Seyssins LAUSSANE, SWITZERLAND 11-Jul-15 One Full day Program in Laussane 12-Jul-15 Second Full day Program in Laussane Program venue/ Place : Salle Villageoise Centre communal "Le Verger" Address : 1305 Penthalaz MILANO, ITALY 14-Jul-15 Evening Program in Milano 15-Jul-15 Second day evening Program in Milano Program venue/ Place : Teatro Leonardo Address : via Ampere, 1, 20131 Milan, Italy VENICE, ITALY 18-Jul-15 One Full day Program in Venice 19-Jul-15 Second Full day Program in Venice Program venue/ Place : PADOVA - FORNACE CAROTTA Address : VIA SIRACUSA 61, PADOVA ROME, ITALY 25-Jul-15 Full day Program in Rome 26-Jul-15 Second Full day Program in Rome Program venue/ Place : Centre FIB Address : Fiume Bianco 75 , Rome MADRID, SPAIN 28-Jul-15 Evening Program in Calatayud Program venue/ Place : Sala San Benito Address : Plaza san Benito, 50300, Calatayud BORDEAUX, FRANCE 1-Aug-15 One Full day Program in Bordeaux 2-Aug-15 Second Full day Program Program venue/ Place : Espace du Lac Address : Cours Jules Ladoumegue, 33000 Bordeaux, France COLMAR, FRANCE 4-Aug-15 Full day Evening Program in Colmar Program venue/ Place :  Salle polyvalente Address : 2 bis, rue de la Gare à 68230 Wihr-au-Val (près de Munster). MUNICH, GERMANY 8-Aug-15 One Full day Program in Munich 9-Aug-15 Second Full day Program in munich Program venue/ Place : Theater Gut Nederling Address : Nederlinger Straße 78, 80638 München TOLOUSE, FRANCE 12-Aug-15 Full day Program in Tolouse Program venue/ Place : Salle polyvalente de Balma Address : Avenue des Arênes 31130 Balma SAINT CANNAT, FRANCE 14-Aug-15 Program in Saint Cannat PM: 6:00 to 9:30. 15-Aug-15 Full day Program in Saint Cannat full day AM 10:00 AM to PM 7:30 Program venue/ Place : Espace AIXAGONE Address : RN 7 Le Plan d’Aigues Chemin de la Diligence - Saint-Cannat - 13760 VARAIRE, FRANCE 22-Aug-15 One full day Public Program 23-Aug-15 Second Full day Pubic Program Program venue/ Place : Association Namaskaram Address : Les Bois de la Font, 46260 VARAIRE MONTPELLIER, FRANCE 26-Aug-15 evening Program in Montpellier Program venue/ Place : SALLE DE L'AIRE Address : PLAN DU BASSIN - 34110 FRONTIGNAN – FRANCE PARIS, FRANCE 28-Aug-15 Evening Program in Paris 29-Aug-15 One full day Program in Paris Program venue/ Place : Comedia Theater Address : 4 Boulevard de Starsbourg 75010, Paris

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